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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


I understand that visiting this page may not be so easy. The territory of depression, with its confusing ups and downs, and discouragement, can be hard to face or talk about. The fact that you are reading this means that you are curious about how to heal your depression holistically…and it also means that you are suffering. I get that.

Happiness is perhaps the deepest human desire. Most of the things we do to heal ourselves, take care of our health, learn, etc, have the underlying purpose for us of fulfilling our innate desire to experience life in a positive frame of mind, with a feeling of joy and wellness. Yet for a large number of otherwise functioning people, depression is a constant feeling.

I am now the most
miserable man living.
If what I feel
were equally distributed
to the whole human family,
there would be not one
cheerful face on earth.
Whether I shall ever be better,
I cannot tell.
I awfully forebode I shall not.
To remain as I am is impossible.
I must die or be better
it appears to me.

I insert this quote because it dispels one common myth of depression: that only inconsequential people who aren’t that important experience it! Lincoln brings so many images to mind: an American hero, a passionate man, a deeply spiritual man. He does not conjure up images of a boring, lazy person with no gifts, which is what most people with depression tell themselves that they indeed are.
In my opinion, as someone who has experienced sometimes intense depression, and seen many others do the same, is that there is a fundamental misconception about depression among most people in our culture: it is negative and should be eradicated immediately. Medicate, entertain, distract yourself out of it, for God’s sake! This is the predominant outlook on depression in our world.
Sure, the feelings inside of depression are very difficult and heavy, I’m not arguing with that. However, rather than try to medicate yourself or escape the depression, I have found that a more effective way is to befriend and begin to talk to your depression, with support.

100% of the time, the depression itself is trying to tell you something. Something about the way you are living your life is out of alignment with your true self. There is a better way to live, unique to you, that you have not discovered yet. Until you uncover what that way of life is, the depression will not go away for very long. Working with me will put you on a path to start uncovering the messages from your spirit that will lead to a real change. Depression is an invitation to deep work. It is an invitation to evaluate your self, your life, and your attitudes, and to find and bring change to what is not working for you in your own existence.
I suggest downloading and printing this questionnaire as a starting point to looking at the messages in the depression. It is the intake form I use for new clients with mood issues, and can be followed by a free consultation.

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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner