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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Long-Distance Healing

When people hear that I offer long distance healings, they often ask me, “how is that possible?” There are a few relevant answers to that inquiry. The first is that most of the healing that happens in chakra healing sessions takes place in consciousness. The new consciousnesses and awarenesses that we receive when we work with a healer are the keys to shifting our lives towards greater health. So, in long distance healing sessions, there is perhaps even greater emphasis on awareness and spoken understandings of our internal soul processes.

The perhaps even more relevant answer is that on the subtle levels of energy, time and distance as we think of them are nonexistent. The moment you think of a loved one, their energy is present with you. You are constantly feeling, interacting with, and responding to others without necessarily being in their physical presence. Long distance healings operate on this principle, and even help us to become more aware of the non-physical levels of our everyday experience, which are actually the more powerful levels. Many clients report that they enjoy long distance sessions as much or more than in-person sessions because they start to become more able to track the shifts in energy that are taking place inside themselves, thus building up their intuitive muscles. Others report becoming more convinced of the power of the work and more convinced of the viability of energy work through receiving long distance work. Through long distance work, it becomes easier to understand how to shift your life on the subtle levels to effect change on the gross levels.

Sessions are available via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

From a client’s perspective:
“I absolutely encourage the use of distance sessions when you cannot see a healer in person. Having the right healer is important. The use of distance sessions has allowed me to live anywhere and travel all over the world while maintaining a working relationship and routine schedule of sessions with the healer of my choice (Nina). I also love being able to sit in my own quiet space for as long as I need to after sessions and then return to the outside world whenever I’m ready and not immediately after a session. With this extra time, the full depth and meaning of sessions has a better opportunity to penetrate and take hold in my system. I always budget plenty of extra time after sessions for this integration and it is perhaps for this reason that I find our distance sessions just as potent as in person sessions, if not more so. I would, without hesitation, prefer to work with Nina over the phone than with a less complementary healer in person.”

-Cait, Grand Junction, Colorado

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner