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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


The 3rd Chakra’s Role in Addiction

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I have big and important news everyone…I’m on a cleanse! 😉


I don’t do this often. Or really ever! I’m quite proud of myself. This particular cleanse isn’t too intense, but it does limit my diet substantially. I’m doing it for health reasons, and so far it feels successful and helpful to my health.…

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Depression: The Doorway to Purpose

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Do you look at people who have a super-strong sense of direction in life and envy their clarity? Do you feel eaten alive by a nagging feeling that something is missing in your life, that you want to do more and be more but you’re not sure what that looks like or how to make it happen?…

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What your Vices are Trying to Tell You

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How do I really take care of myself? Why do I get derailed so easily? Why am I tired? Why can’t I stop [insert unwanted habit here]?

All of us have so many ways of ‘checking out,’ like watching TV, browsing Facebook, arguing with our partners, drinking, smoking, snacking, worrying.…

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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner