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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


Work with Nina

The way I work with each person is unique.

Once we do an introductory consult, I will recommend a program just for you.

Your program will feature some or all of the following:

Private Energy Work Sessions

Some of the work is done seated, in conversation. We discuss the current issues in your life, and all the while I attune to what is most needed for your being in the moment. From there, we will move into hands-on energy work, either seated or lying down on a massage table, or into psychic readings or meditative work. Often many sessions of clearing, processing and healing stored traumas, and restoring flow into the body/mind are important to commit to before you’ll start to see the benefit of the work in your life.

My sessions are guided by the deep inner intention for wholeness within you, and as a practitioner I follow you, addressing what needs to be addressed in the process, providing a pathway for all that you long for to reach manifestation in the best way possible. Each session brings you closer to full expression and full embodiment of your unique essence.

Let’s schedule a clarity session to get started.

Vedic Astrology

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, is a profound healing modality in itself. I use astrology a little differently than most astrologers. I weave astrological information together with healing work as a powerful combination to gain insight into the changing rhythms of life. Using energy work and astrology together, we can see what your inherent patterns are, & we can enhance them and bring more consciousness to the patterns that need shifting. What direction is life trying to take me, and how can I move with the time instead of resisting it? What are the focuses of my life right now? What are my deepest gifts? Am I on the right path? What is my soul purpose? These are the types of questions that I find astrology extremely helpful with.

Are you interested in how I use astrological information in my healing work? Let’s discuss.

Distance Healing Sessions

(For out of state people, or those who prefer it)

When people hear that I offer long distance healings, they often ask me, “how is that possible?” There are a few relevant answers to that inquiry. The first is that most of the healing that happens in chakra healing sessions takes place in our consciousness. The new consciousnesses and awarenesses that we receive are the keys to shifting our lives towards greater health.

The perhaps even more relevant answer is that on the subtle levels of energy, time and distance as we think of them are nonexistent. The moment you think of a loved one, their energy is present with you. You are constantly feeling, interacting with, and responding to others without necessarily being in their physical presence. Long distance healings operate on this principle, and even help us to become more aware of the non-physical levels of our everyday experience. Many clients report that they enjoy long distance sessions as much or more than in-person sessions because they start to become more able to track the shifts in energy that are taking place inside themselves, thus building up their intuitive muscles. Others report becoming more convinced of the power of the work and more convinced of the viability of energy work through receiving long distance work.

Set up an initial consultation for a clarity session to see if distance healing sessions are right for your journey.

Group Work

The groups that I hold are for people who are ready to take their intuitive capacities to the next level. Through the group work you will learn principles of spiritual healing, as well as practices and healing techniques so that operating from intuition becomes your normal, daily way of being. Groups allow for you to connect with others for whom healing and spirituality is a priority, and to see through other’s processes the many nuanced ways in which spirit is working in each of our lives. 

If you believe you could benefit from intuitive group work experiences, please set up a clarity session to get started.

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

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