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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


“One of the reasons I feel I am doing well in my life right now is because of my treatments with Nina Handwerk. I have an entire team of people who are helping me to achieve my goals and Nina has been there right by my side providing support through healing treatments. She works with local and long distance clients, which works great with my lifestyle.
Nina was recommended by a close friend. I thought I would give energy healing treatments a try. I was impressed and I’ve been going regularly ever since. It’s been over a year and she has helped me overcome fears, gain perspective, and find more power in myself to do what is necessary to lead a more fulfilling life.

-Ethan Bach, Media Artist, Denver & Santa Fe

“I am always amazed that Nina can sit at the beginning of a session and through a short conversation start to penetrate to the very heart of a particular pattern or problem, be it primarily physical, emotional, or spiritual. Every time I gain a great deal of clarity about core issues that are creating imbalance for me and get very practical advice on how to work with them. She works spontaneously, drawing from a variety of modalities, addressing the imbalance in the way that seems most appropriate, a healing synthesis of intuition, clear presence, and years of training. Each time it feels like exactly what was needed. Each time I leave feeling more balanced, whole, and connected.”
– Tana, Santa Fe

“I have had weekly healing sessions with Nina for a year. Nina has an incredible gift for healing, and each session is unique. I have been healed of several physical ailments and have moved joyfully through some emotional trials. I am enjoying a more balanced, healthy and peaceful life as a result of Nina’s work.”
-Tom, Musician, Santa Fe

“I have been “seeing” Nina weekly as a distance client for two years, with occasional in-person sessions. Nina is deeply insightful, gentle, grounded, and powerful healer, while also possessing a delightful sense of humor. She is a truly a joy to work with and I always look forward to my “Nina sessions”. As a result of the work we have done together, I have felt ongoing transformation as I have reached ever deepening levels of self-awareness and introspection. With her, I have learned how to make conscious and intuitive choices that have both changed my life and changed the way I experience my life. Even after two years, the work we do always feels fresh and new as the focus of our work moves from one aspect of my being to another. In fact, the work is only getting more exciting. Not less.”
-Cait, Grand Junction, Colorado

What were you frustrated with before you started working with Nina?

I had wanted to leave my husband for a long time (years), and never was able to do that.

Why did you choose Nina to support you?

One of her other clients is a friend of mine and I heard such rave reviews from my friend, that I thought I should see if Nina could help me remove some blocks I had in my desire to grow and expand (and leave a toxic relationship).

How did Nina approach your circumstance?

First she offered a free introductory discussion to help us determine if it was a good fit to work together. And then when we had the normal private sessions, she sat with me to see where I was from my perspective and what I wanted. She then also tuned into her reading of my energy. It was a very collaborative, gentle approach to clearing my energy and supporting my inner longings.

How was this solution unique?

I had been to therapists before and they were helpful. However, Nina’s approach seems to work at a deeper, more effective level.

What did you particularly like about her approach or delivery?

Nina’s gentleness, positivity, in-tune-ness.

What’s the single biggest reason you would recommend Nina?

She really helps move the fundamental blocks keeping a person from ascending to their highest self.

How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

The results speak from themselves. I finally left my husband, live in my own home, and I have learned to establish boundaries, not just with my ex-husband, but also with others in my life. I feel much more grounded and happy with my life.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

I would recommend Nina to anyone who is struggling to change their life or their energy. She’s a miracle-worker!

Laura H., Life Coach

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

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