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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Nina’s Right-Relationship Course

Ayni, which translates to “right relationship,” is a concept in Andean spiritual teachings that can transform your relationships. It is all about a natural recognition of “rightness,” where each partner feels a profound sense of belonging, trust, and enjoyment of the chemistry between you. It is a deep atmosphere of relaxation, of permission to be yourself, to be spontaneous, to be free, and to be loved.

Sounds good, right? But how do we experience that when all previous partnerships have been wrought with confusion, misunderstanding, and pain?

In a deep 6-month personalized program, Nina will walk you through all of the aspects of your being that need healing, need attention, and need support in order to be the natural magnet for a relationship of the caliber that will actually fulfill and sustain you over the long-term.

Some of the topics we will cover in the course:


To have true self-respect, we have to have a developed awareness of our gifts, our weaknesses, and our essential divine energy. We have to know and face our negative tendencies and feel at peace with them. This way, when another person starts to uncover these tendencies as they naturally will in intimate relationship, we feel safe and accepted already and have no need to become defensive as we become known.


When we know where we are at emotionally, psychologically, and in maturity, we can start to become realistic about what kind of relationship and what kind of partner will actually work for us. Getting out of wishful thinking and either a grandiose or deflated self-image means we can attract something that truly matches us.


Without healthy, functioning boundaries, we cannot attract appropriately. Instead our attracting capacity will be random, we will bring in partners who threaten our safety in some way, or who simply cannot/are not interested in fulfilling us. In the course we will explore how to set boundaries, how to tend to our personal needs, and how to approach new connections with boundaries that allow intimacy to develop in a healthy way.

And so much more. Your course will be tailored specifically to you and what you need! If you are ready to explore and address the root cause of why you may not be experiencing the relationship you want, this is the course for you.

I look forward to taking this amazing journey together.

What were you frustrated with before you started working with Nina?

I was frustrated because I felt like the things that had always worked to draw someone close to me had stopped working. My relationships— instead of evolving, the way I felt like my insight and sense of my self were evolving—had kept growing shorter and shorter- more distant from my vision of what I wanted. I didn’t know what to do about that. I had come to a true stopping place and was seeking help.

Why did you choose Nina to support you?

I chose Nina because I came across her articles and they resonated with me. I had a deep sense that she was the person who could help me because of what she wrote and how she spoke about her own journey. Her honesty and the clarity of her writing echoed things that I had been questioning or thinking about. I felt that she could understand and support me. 

How did Nina approach your circumstances?

From the beginning, I appreciated and admired Nina’s approach. She asked me to fill out a questionnaire about relationships which brought a lot of clarity to me, even before I met with her. When we first spoke, she was able to address what she saw as my primary concerns. I felt that she really read and responded to the issues I had brought forth from the questionnaire. Nothing was rote, it was tailored to me. She was clear about her process, how she worked and how she thought she could meet me/ support me in moving to a different stage of growth. I also think that Nina has a beautiful ability to mirror her clients- for example, with me she brings a lot of humor—she uses language which surprises me because it is not typical in a client/healer relationship, but I think she’s doing it precisely because it’s the way I speak. She’s able to be playful, light and irreverent because that is who I am and she knows this is the best way to allow me to hear her insights. 

What did you particularly like about Nina’s approach, and why would you recommend her?

 I have worked with many therapists, shamans, and energy healers. I feel that Nina is unique because she works on many levels at once, in a way I have never encountered.  She listens and addresses issues like a therapist and she works on the body and spirit as a shaman. She is able to encompass many levels with the result being a profound experience of awareness and insight. I have told my friends that out of all the people I have worked with, she is more able to explain those deep places I know as truth in a way I haven’t experienced before. And in a way that gently challenges the core assumptions I hold in order to create the changes I seek. 

How would you explain your experience as a whole?

I came to Nina to work on my romantic relationships, but we ended up addressing my core work relationship first. This was so important and laid the foundation for the other work. I feel that I can bring anything to her and she will help me work through it.  She sees that all relationships are interconnected. 

If you’re brave and willing, there’s no other person I would recommend more to support you in reaching towards that higher place within yourself than Nina.

Tamara B., Financial Consultant

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

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