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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


Jupiter, the Perpetual Student

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In a person’s chart with Jupiter debilitated, the person will often doubt their knowledge and their capacity to create prosperity for themselves. This inner feeling of doubt will cause them to seek knowledge in a more intense way than others, becoming a lifelong student.

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Holding Authentic Boundaries in a Changing World

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When we think about creating good boundaries, most of us have an idea that “strong” boundaries are fixed boundaries - this idea is woven into the mainstream culture, a sense that who we are is mostly static and so things that we like stay that way, things that we don’t like stay that way. But this type of boundary can become stale and flat over time, a rote answer to life instead of a fluid, flexible, living relationship with who we are, what life means to us, where we fit in the world in a given moment.

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Transcending Competition in Favor of Love

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Serpents shed their skin and so are also a sign of metamorphosis. If we can use our skills of witnessing/detachment, this time period is actually very potent for transformation of how we give and receive love. We can go through a kind of rebirth within our relationships right now.

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Societal Imprints of Racism

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Lately I have seen (and perhaps you have too) a lot of threads and posts online where a white person is called out on their ignorance or bias by someone else….and time and time again, I’ve witnessed that rather than accepting the reflection, the person fires back with “are you calling me racist?…

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Your Intuition Can Save You Now

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Developing our intuition is not only a spiritual choice but a practical choice. It marries the divine within us with the entrepreneur, the psychic with the parent, the partner with the sage. The capacities within us to see, hear, feel, and know at a deeper level than what is presented can transform our lives in profound ways.

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Getting intimate with someone involves also getting intimate with their wounds, their fears, insecurities, and triggers. Learning day by day how a new love interest operates and handles life is a learning - and loving - curve. Can you handle what comes up for them gracefully? Do you become irritated or resentful when their issues arise? Can you stay warm towards them even when they aren’t at their best?

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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner