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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Eclipse in Jyestha Nakshatra

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This Friday overnight (beginning at 11:33 PST) there will be a full solar eclipse in the constellation of Jyestha, which falls in the constellation of Scorpio. Eclipses are incredibly potent astrological events and I’m sure you’re all feeling the heightened energy right now. Eclipses are a great time for introspection, reflection, and taking extra good care of yourself.

This particular eclipse, given its placement in Scorpio, is all about power issues. Jyestha nakshatra itself is ruled by Indra, the king of the gods. Throughout mythology Indra goes through multiple tests and trials and missteps in learning to conduct himself with integrity, no matter who the enemy or what the battle that he is fighting. He learns over time how to wield his power and authority effectively without dominance, arrogance, and over-aggression. We are all on some version of this journey right now with our own inner sense of authority and power – and the eclipse will bring out any internalized or hidden issues we have with power, authority, and with using or misusing our own strength. Any blockages, misunderstanding or wounds that we carry in these areas will be arising now.

The invitation of the eclipse is to activate positive empowerment for yourself. Doing so will help you to offset any negatives that the eclipse could bring. The issues are probably in your face, and you can move into more choice with the issues by asking yourself, where do I feel some disempowerment, or stale flat energy? Is how I’ve used (or not used) power in the past, up for review? How can I invigorate an area of my life that feels frustrating through my own inner strength, and come out of any feeling of being victimized by an external situation?

Moving a challenge area of your life forward doesn’t have to be extremely complex, and you don’t need to do it perfectly for the universe to meet you halfway. See if you can approach your situation with patience, and without falling into overwhelm. Some simple ideas would be to clean up your diet or move your body if you’re frustrated with your health. You may need to use your creativity to move your relationships to a new level of depth and sharing. Maybe its time to take a break from a connection that is causing a lot of stress. Perhaps some meditation on peace and acceptance to help move the world situation forward, rather than just getting overwhelmed by it. The key here is to take on the initiative yourself and to come from a sense of “Yes, I can do this.”

Otherwise, you may feel crushed under the weight of the stresses in your life during the time around the eclipse. And yes, eclipse times will bring up lots of stress and pressure and tension in the outer world as well. Hold onto your hats (& your sanity) and try to enjoy the ride.

Happy Eclipse, everyone!

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