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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

When the Inner and Outer Align, Change Occurs Effortlessly

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What is your intuition advising you to do? Are you in connection with that inner voice regularly? Or do you feel confused as to which direction to take, what to focus your time and resources on?

At times the intuitive side of you may want to move things in life in very simple ways. Perhaps this wise part of you will recommend an exceptional glass of wine while watching the snow fall. A long lavish soak in a hot tub. A walk with your dog and a close friend at the end of a long day. Laughter, storytelling. A meditation. It may advise you to seek extra support with an issue you just can’t find clarity on.

These seemingly small things might sound more like indulgence, or ignorance of world events, or escapism, rather than real intuition. However, their simplicity may be exactly what is needed to bring balance to the extroverted busy-ness, the tasks, the doing side of life. Often the voice of your intuition aims simply to help you to integrate your life so that you can move forward in a clear, accurate and exact way.  

If you take time to tune in with the inner rhythm in your being just for a moment right now, what do you notice? What are you drawn to? What does your inner guidance advise you?

I’d be thoroughly surprised if many of you said “my guidance tells me to get into a long argument with my partner, because we really need to get to the bottom of this issue.” Or “my guidance tells me to watch the news for the next 3 hours.” Or, “my intuition tells me I’m a complete idiot and I should just give up.” Despite how ridiculous these things sound, how many of us find ourselves seduced by these energy sucks, even though we feel even more disregulated and confused and unnatural after following them?

As you deepen into intuition and start to follow it, you may notice that the voice of intuition becomes stronger, clearer, and happier each time you engage it. Instead of this part of you being exasperated and showing up as anxiety or stress or anger or health issues, it will start to feel empowered to keep you more in the flow state, where things seem to work out without a ton of effort on your part.

As we become more honed in on what is right for us in any situation, and the higher self or wiser side of us starts to have more space to land in our daily life, we may see that our presence contributes not only to our own health but also to creating the change we wish to see in our loved ones, too. However big or small our outer actions, we see that we’re having more of an impact than we did before.

Amma, a spiritual teacher who I follow, talks a lot about the visible vs the invisible effects of our consciousness and actions on the world. In Western/modern culture we are typically more invested in the visible, outer benefits of an action that the eye can easily see. While powerful, Amma advises that actually the unseen effects of things like meditation and spiritual practice, and also the way we feel as we go about doing what we do, are equally important to that which is visible. And that we need both the inner and outer aspects to be working in alignment with each other in order to be effective in making any real change in our personal life or in the larger whole of life.

And conversely, any action that we take without our energy body’s alignment with it becomes disempowered and ineffective, no matter how “right” it may seem in outward appearance.

In the upcoming series I’ll be teaching for the At Home Yoga and Well-Being online studio, we will explore the layered effects that our consciousness, our prayers, our guidance and our intuitive knowing have on our outer lives. We will explore our connection with intuition as a very real and very important aspect of creating the changes we wish to see in our lives. Rather than withdrawing into an easy, comfortable inner space we will look at how our inner practices and guidance actually challenge us to be more authentic, more daring, more creative, & more uniquely ourselves.

If these concepts resonate for you, please join me starting Feb 5th for 5 consecutive Friday evenings. Each session will include meditation and exploration of intuitive techniques that you can apply to any situation in your life that you want more clarity on.  

This series will serve as an introduction to group work with me and is an excellent place to start if you’ve been considering deeper study. Don’t hesitate to join: the first class is Free!

To register for the first class on Friday February 5th click here: Join Free Class With Nina!!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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