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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

A Valentine’s to Remember

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Personally, I haven’t spent a lot of time and energy on Valentine’s day, instead I’ve written it off as a Hallmark holiday that people concerned with real love need not pay much attention to! But when I glanced at the astrology of Valentine’s this year, I had to pay attention…It is a wow kind of day for love: and not the Hallmark kind of love – the real, raw aspects of partnership and what it evokes within us.

This Valentine’s day, Mars and Venus, the two strongest archetypes of love and relationship, will be tightly together in the sky. Mars represents the dynamic, masculine, physical aspect of love and Venus, the nurturing, affectionate, feminine side. These two are joined together at exactly 21 degrees of Sagittarius in the constellation Purva Ashadha. They are as entwined as it gets, bringing love and passion as a major focus of this day.

Passion & Tension

A Venus and Mars conjunction always points to lots of passion. However this exact conjunction, where they are literally sharing the same degree, actually makes the planets feel a little too close for comfort in a phenomenon called ‘Planetary War.’ In this war aspect, each planet is vying for the limelight and attention, and neither feels fully seen or valued because of this competitive conjunction.

Overall this will increase disagreements, hot-headedness, and impatience within our relationships. 

Going into this conjunction with some awareness is a great way to offset the tendency for things to get heated (in a not sexy way) and to cultivate the potential that is also here.


Purva Ashadha, the nakshatra (constellation) where this is taking place, like all of the nakshatras, is multifaceted in its meanings. It is considered a constellation of discernment, symbolized by a winnowing basket, separating the wheat from the chaff. It is a placement which asks us to discern what is right and true for us. This challenges us to use healthy discernment to take a deeper look at what is really happening within a relationship, and whether the values truly align. It is a placement where emotional honesty and facing the truth will take us farther than superficial gestures or brushing things under the rug. 

It can in some cases be a time of separation and endings. 

Due to the fiery nature of Sagittarius and the intense passion of the constellation, calm discretion and discernment may be hard to come by. As emotions run high, be careful to take your time within your relationships, otherwise we are looking at blowout fight type of energy here.

If we can find some positive discernment and align deeply with the important values we share with our partner, grace can start to enter our relationship more fully.

Purification & Alignment

Another aspect of the constellation will then be felt, which is  the energy of the ruling deities of Purva Ashada, the Apas. The Apas are purifying water goddesses. Their main desire is to merge with the ocean, as is the natural flow of all rivers and streams. The Apas are known for their ability to cure, heal, purify and to extinguish the fire of jealousy. 

Applied to relationship this energy can be deeply healing and purifying, helping us to move together towards a deeper, more cosmic shared purpose. If egos remain in check this time can transport us deeper into Oneness with our loved ones. It is a time when we can let go of petty differences and unite more strongly in shared purpose.

Yet another aspect of Purva Ashada is its highly energizing aspect. It gives fertility and potency to whatever it touches. So this Valentine’s can also energize our relationships, bringing passion and aliveness. It can also be a time of heightened fertility so keep that in mind with your Valentine’s plans!

Some questions you might ask yourself during this week:

Are the relationships that I choose to be in reflective of my deepest values?

When there is tension in my relationship, am I getting support to discern what is really going on?

Can I back up from my own emotional reactions and give space for wisdom to inform how I proceed?

Are my partner and I enhancing each other’s fulfillment, heading towards the ocean together?

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