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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Eclipse in Swati Nakshatra

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On Tuesday October 25th there will be a partial solar eclipse in the constellation of Swati, which falls in the sign of Libra. Eclipses are incredibly potent astrological events and many will feel heightened energy for a few weeks before and after the eclipse. Eclipses are a great time for introspection, reflection, and taking extra good care of yourself.

This particular eclipse, given its placement in Swati, will challenge our capacity to stay grounded and centered. Swati’s shakti (power) is “to scatter like the wind” with the presiding deity of Vayu, the wind god. Swati is a creative constellation with many diverse ideas and talents, and its challenge is to stay grounded enough to not lose the potency of its energy through becoming overly scattered in the mental field.

Swati is symbolized by a young sprout swaying in the wind, which shows its delicate nature and sensitivity. Though its destiny is to become a mighty tree, Swati starts out with tenuousness and nervousness. Watch out around this eclipse for the tendency to become overwhelmed or ‘hit’ on the nervous system level. Swati people have important knowledge to share yet can become withdrawn and nervous when obstacles arise. Take extra time to soothe your nervous system and encourage the sensitive aspects of yourself, which contain great wisdom, to emerge slowly but surely despite your fears and hesitations.

Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams, as this eclipse shows that there is much potential for greatness in the ideas that are arising within each of us at this time, despite how overwhelming the challenges to actualizing them may seem.

This month will bring challenge to balancing our strengths and our sensitivities  – and the eclipse will bring out any internalized or hidden issues we have with how we handle our more vulnerable sides. Whether it is your tendency to withdraw and hide out, act out emotionally, turn to addictions, or put on a charismatic outer persona…these and any other coping mechanisms for our underlying vulnerabilities will be arising now.

The invitation instead is to learn new strategies for working with your ‘little sprout side’ in a productive way. This is a great time to look for the gifts within the subtleties of your nature. For example Swati’s delicate nature can open us to music, art, subtle energy, sensuality, and beauty. The eclipse involves a tight conjunction with Venus so turning towards loved ones and cultivating closeness is also helpful. We all need sources of shelter in the storm.

Some questions for inquiry in this Swati cycle:

-How do sensitivities become a source of empowerment instead of a hindrance?
-What are the gifts that come with sensitivity?
-What healthy actions can I take that keep me from withdrawing into overwhelm?
-What in my life feels nerve-wracking yet new and full of potential?

Happy Eclipse, everyone!

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1 Comment

  1. Jess says:

    This was accurate and very helpful. I was born with ASC. in swati and this eclipse is conjunct my ASC. line. I Feel The WINDS!!! Very exciting time. I will not be the same person after this.

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner