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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Your Intuition Can Save You Now

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There is a misconception out there that ‘intuition’ is kind of an interesting hobby, something to develop only when you have the time to do so and the privilege to do so.

The truth is that our intuition is much, much more powerful than that. For each and every one of us, our intuition is a navigational system that can help us move through life with clarity and force. As we develop intuitive skills we become more and more aligned with our true nature, and the life we build from that connected place within starts to reflect our deepest values. Rather than getting through the day so that we can finally relax, we instead relax into the flow of grace in all of life and we move through the world with a feeling of connection, grace, and synchronicity. We feel invigorated, interested, and alive. The mystery is at our fingertips, inviting us ever deeper. We are connected to the living moment, to the trees and to the stars, to who we have been and to who we are becoming.

Having an intuitive awareness running through our lives gives us a place to focus our attention that is personally relevant. It is like tuning in to a youtube channel that is always broadcasting a positive, engaging, helpful message just for us. It gives us the capacity to know what is right for us, so that we don’t feel bombarded by messaging that is ultimately irrelevant to our life. We live in a time when this bombardment of information is constant. Whether it is advertisement, political ideology, Facebook threads discussing Covid-19, or a family member’s strong opinion, the amount of others’ thoughts and emotions that we have access to is astounding. 

Living in this age means learning discernment. Just because something is compelling, has a huge following, is really activating to our nervous system, or is something that another person feels we should care strongly about, does not mean that it necessarily merits our attention. A strong intuition helps us sense when something we are exposed to is relevant for us, and when we can stop listening and walk away. This walking away is not a willful ignorance to the pain and suffering in the world or a disregard for the person we are walking away from, it is a way of staying alert to where our energy is going, so that rather than becoming drained and overwhelmed and spread too thin, we can direct our energy towards topics, movements, thoughts and actions that are truly meaningful to us. 

The next time you find yourself scrolling on social media, or in some kind of group discussion perhaps, I would invite you to perk up the attention of your intuition and listen for personal relevance. What part of this group discussion resonates for me? What post from a friend captures something that really moves me? What topic that was introduced do I want to follow up with? How can I engage with that relevant part that perks me up in a deeper way, while allowing myself to tune out the static of the other 90% that is just not hitting the mark for me today? This simple skill can help you essentialize your energy so that the full potency of your being is available for the projects you really care about.

Developing our intuition is not only a spiritual choice but a practical choice. It marries the divine within us with the entrepreneur, the psychic with the parent, the partner with the sage. The capacities within us to see, hear, feel, and know at a deeper level than what is presented can transform our lives in profound ways. The ways in which we become overwhelmed can lessen. The connection to bliss and happiness can increase. The areas that feel suppressed can become enlivened. The areas that were hurt can finally heal.

I feel strongly that intuitive skills are needed more at this moment in time than ever. When life feels chaotic and new, when we are in uncharted territory, when the structures we have taken for granted start to crumble, we need our navigational systems to be on and fully functional. We need attunement skills that lift us out of the collective panic and fear into the higher ground of possibility, hope, and new creative capacities. 

If you are feeling shut down in your own capacity to navigate these new waters, or just curious to learn more about how you can gain more connection with your invaluable inner resources, please feel free to reach out to learn more about my current programs and offerings. We are in this together and the opportunity for growth and creating the world we really want to participate in is enormous!

Be well,

“Real love is the complete absence of any negative feelings towards anyone.”  – Amma

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