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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Our Purpose is Simple

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A client said an interesting thing to me today. She said, “sometimes I just lose sight of what I came here [to earth] to do. It’s disorienting, I completely forget.” I liked this thought and found so much truth in it. It is disorienting! I know the feeling! Forgetting your sense of purpose is like losing your headlights in the dark. And quite literally, in the energy field, the sense of purpose is what grounds us in our bodies, and allows us to move in life with clarity and ease.

On a small scale, losing purpose comes about by getting distracted by overwhelming numbers of things on to do lists, absorbed in the dramas of life, distracted by crushes or worries, listening to crazy neurotic thinking in our heads.

So, when my client brought this us, my response to her was simple: in noticing that disconnect, she is already bringing her destiny closer. It is when people don’t pause and ask themselves these questions that there is more reason to worry.

For her, there was just a gentle coming back to herself, remembering her longings and feeding some attention and time outside of tasks and distractions to her soul-level desires. If you aren’t sure what you are here on earth to do, feel into what you deeply desire. Is it relationship? Beauty? Family? Helping others? Success in your field? Travel? Often it is more simple than we realize. Being with her in the returning to herself, really was blissful. The gentleness, the depth and expanse of inner knowing, connected to the simple truth of a soul and its desires. Once you enter, you never want to leave. And maybe you never have to.

Imagine attracting from that deep place inside. So many excesses and confusions just fall away. All beauty and flowering comes from there. Imagine doing your to-do list from there, not dropping the connection because outer life has demands. There is no pressure there, just a yearning that calls out to the governing forces of beauty and draws others of like purpose to you. For both of us in the healing room that day, it was a moment outside of time, of seeing what the fabric of life is formed from: Intention. Purpose. Desire.

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