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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Grace, Compassion, and Destruction

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This blog is a combination of astrological insights, impressions from talks with other healers who I work with personally, and my own take on the current moment in history, which is certainly in the making. I am keeping this as simple as possible because I feel that simplicity is important in this time, when complexity and the layering of issues can become overwhelming to feel and to look at. 

Lots of people have been asking me, “what is happening astrologically?”

There are many contributing factors both long and short term to the current world situation. Perhaps most importantly, there was an eclipse on December 25, 2019, which sensitized the area of the sky called Mula nakshatra, whose shakti (power) is the power of destruction. Mula is ruled by Kali, the most destructive form of the Goddess.  Her destruction actually comes from the compassion to reveal to us the source of our suffering so that we can have the opportunity to change root-level issues within and without. She is portrayed usually with a necklace of the heads of the demons she has slain in battle. She is ruthlessly truthful, and will not hesitate or sugarcoat. 

Eclipses sensitize an area and bring out its energy for 6 months or so, which therefore brings this effect through late May/early June of this year. That is when we will hopefully see the coronavirus outbreak calm down a little and start to resolve, at least in the virus aspect.

What is the purpose of this destruction? Mula Nakshatra is all about a breakdown that brings us to the root of our being, the very foundation of who we are. It is a time when we are asked to look at the foundations of our lives, our foundational relationships, and how we feel safe and supported.

One aspect of that has to do with economics and finance as these are part of the 1st chakra, the survival/basic needs chakra. So how we fulfill our basic needs is part of what is being impacted and coming into question personally and worldwide.

The even deeper root of our sense of security, beyond material security, is community, which is why connecting with your community and support system is so key right now. And for some, seeing how you have not developed enough of a sense of support and true, deep community may be a difficult issue to face right now. This moment is kind of a wake-up call, saying “hey, is the foundation of your life working? What is your true support system? Have you cultivated enough connections that support you at the deepest levels of your being?” Its a good time to celebrate the sources of nourishment in your life, with the earth being the universal nurturer and truly the foundation of all of our lives. It is time to reset how we interact with earth as a society and as individuals. Are we giving back to the source of all life?

Another important astrological factor to look at is the Saturn-Mars conjuction, which started in mid-March and extends to early May. This is a difficult conjunction that ties the two most difficult malefic planets together and creates Yama Yoga, a yoga of death. Yes, sometimes astrology is really on the nose. By their nature these two malefics tend to act differently, as each has a different intention, so the result in our personal lives of their conjunction is usually tension, arguments, and fighting or oppositional viewpoints. This is clear in the collective as well. Some fights have a purpose, to excavate and get to the root of an imbalance in our relationships, so you may find that tensions occurring in your life right now bring to light something that needed to be seen in a given relationship. Other fights are just built-up tension releasing in one or both people.

The general rule of thumb during Saturn-Mars is to avoid heavy fighting, as it adds to the heaviness of the time. However some of these arguments may be inevitable, so if you do find this has been up for you in some relationships, don’t worry, it is just the transit working through your life. Just pray that some good come of it. As much as possible try not to inflame things, pause and wait for grace to move the situation.

A final astrological piece I’ll mention is that Jupiter is currently also conjunct Saturn, and is in Capricorn which is its least favorite place to be. It is debilitated there, meaning it may feel difficult to access the energy of Jupiter right now. This transit goes through most of 2020, with a few breaks when it retrogrades back into Sagittarius and has a moment to breathe. Jupiter represents the grace of God, the Guru, wisdom, affluence, prosperity, dharma (doing the right thing), and upliftment. So all of these energies are suppressed right now.

It is easy to fall into despair during this time. The most important thing to do is maintain prayer and meditation practices and any practices or activities that give you a feeling of lift, wholeness, connection to goodness, a sense of purpose, all of that yummy stuff. I think we will all find it takes extra effort to connect to the positives at this time, so put in the extra effort to maintain and promote loving, inspired, and peaceful feelings, as they do have an outward ripple effect. When you feel discouraged, reach out either inwardly/spiritually, or outwardly to a friend or support person. Find small ways to remember the principles that are meaningful to you in life, and to promote beauty, happiness, and fulfillment for yourself and others. This I believe is the best thing you can do for the planet right now, and through this year, and beyond that for that matter.

Many people I have spoken to are already finding great positivity during this time, which is wonderful to witness and participate in. There are so many people planting gardens, connecting with loved ones at home, over the internet or phone, finally having enough free time to practice yoga or relax or do something creative. Many are benefitting from the slow-down that is part of the quarantine. The earth is getting a breather as well. A client of mine in San Diego said she’s never seen so little pollution in the air! I’m sure you are all hearing similar stories. There is an amazing slow-down of the rat race of Western life occurring. It is a great time of re-prioritizing what is most important to us, and centering into the stillness of the time, and hopefully carrying that slower pace forward in some way as it is ultimately more sustainable for the earth.

My wish is that we can learn from this time period, and that as what we have to this point called “normal” society starts to crank up again, we can remember what is really important and see how our lives before this interruption were a little out of balance. If we each make shifts at this time to prioritize what makes us happy, to work on the areas where we tend to get impacted…be those emotional, financial, health, or otherwise, if we can disconnect more fully from the attitudes, habits and triggers which do not support us in becoming our best selves, and help each other and the earth, I trust that going forward we can make a shift in the world. Clearly the way we have been going is not sustainable, so let us hope that this experience has truly shaken us to the core so that we can rebuild something much better for ourselves and for the earth.

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  1. Judy Baker says:

    Thanks, Nina. I really enjoyed this blog!
    Judy B.

Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner