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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Changing of the Guards

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This April we have something of a “changing of the guards” going on astrologically, with many major planets shifting all at once. Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are all ending year-or-more-long transits. The feeling of the collective should really change. The next phase in many ways looks more free, more creative, and with more opportunity for dynamic change.

Since early 2020, we have been in and out (mostly in) a configuration known as “Kala Sarpa Yoga,” where all major planets are on one side of the sky between Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon. This smushed up configuration looks and feels like the planets are all cramped together, unable to move much, and stuck between two ideological polarities. Sounds like Covid, right? Thankfully this locked-down, locked-in, polarized energy is finally shifting in Mid May when the Kala Sarpa ends. 

During Kala Sarpa times it is indicated to focus your energy inward, and a lot more is accomplished on inner planes than on outer. Now may be a good time to reflect on what happened for you individually during these difficult years – were you able to focus inwardly enough to transform very stuck patterns in a positive way? Hopefully we each have new gifts and sides of ourselves that have emerged through this pressure cooker transit. I know we all have some battle scars as well which will take some attention to heal.

Often at the beginning and end of a transit, we can feel its effect even more acutely. So that pressure cooker feeling may flare up this last month of the transit, which ultimately means the transit is helping you to complete the lessons, karmas, and difficulties that the last year-and-a-half cycle brought up for you. You may revisit some of the feelings you felt, the themes that were a big deal for you, etc. Journaling, meditating, grieving, letting go, reviewing, receiving healing or bodywork are all indicated so that you can enter the next cycle with some sense of closure and peace around what you’ve been through. 

Saturn’s shift is also upcoming – the authority figure planet will be moving out of Capricorn on April 28th into Aquarius. Capricorn is a very stoic, methodical sign. It is known for being unromantic, austere, all about responsibility and identified with what is politically correct and appropriate – so those themes have been highlighted since April 2020. For many of us free-thinker types it has felt pretty dogmatic, serious, and sobering, with a marked lack of lift and celebration and freedom. 

Aquarius, where we are moving, is more idealistic, magical, concerned for the welfare of all, hopeful, and creative. So we will feel this shift away from a heavily security-focused energy to a more creativity-focused one on the societal level (as Saturn rules larger systems and structures). It will be a time of new innovation, a time for free-forming groups of ideological coherence to spontaneously come together, and a time of sharing of ideas – there is great potential for friendships and new groups of different kinds to form in this next 2 1/2 year cycle. 

I have been reflecting on how much life has changed, and how much I have changed, since these transits started in early 2020. I think it’s important for all of us to know that changes as radical or more so will happen in the next cycle as well. This whole decade is predicted to be highly catalytic – and may look chaotic on the outside, but there is great creative potential if we find ways to look within and stay connected to our source/our own truth. 

Take more risks to be yourself in this next phase – the energy is primed for you to emerge with more uniqueness and self-assurance than ever before.

Though I know this month feels quite intense, I am wishing you all a peaceful time. 

See you soon,


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