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Nina Handwerk: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Mid Summer Transits

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Currently in the sky we have an interesting combination of tumultuous transits that highlight self expression and developing our unique perspective and autonomy, as well as letting go of control and stuck perspectives that inhibit true spiritual growth. 

Rahu the north node is traveling with Mars and Uranus though the sign of Aries.  This transit will be active through mid-August. All three of these are intense and volatile planets – even on their own each can stir things up and when together, they can cause great instability and surprising, wild energies. It’s hard not to think of war and violence with these all together.

There is much we can each do inwardly to offset the violent potential here. This is a time of ‘expect the unexpected’ and go with the flow as much as possible. Don’t bother with attempting to control things at this time. Most violence comes from frustration with what is, so instead agree with what is and make the most of it.

(Do pay attention while you’re driving as accidents and weird violent events are likely with this combination.)

Aries is a sign of independence. This time thus is really geared towards developing a sense of individuality and freedom within the tumult and unknowns. What is your response to changing energies? Can you express what is true for you rather than matching the energy of others? Can you play and create in the mystery? Or are you tied to inner ideals and pictures of life?

We are all being asked to let go of any idealism we hold onto, as well as codependent patterning— reflected in Ketu’s transit of Libra, active through 2022 into 2023. Ketu shows what we are letting go of …and Libra tends towards harmonious agreement at the expense of the true Self. It is a time thus of taking more risks to disrupt any inner status quo we find ourselves in. For example, it’s a time to move our relationships towards fulfillment instead of settling for a semi-comfortable stasis. (Try to use creativity, not nagging, to get there.)

While Aries is known for arguments & fighting, in its secure state, it is actually more about individuality and true inner freedom to be oneself. It’s easy to blame others for the status quo we find ourselves in. It’s more challenging and more rewarding to decide to move things in a direction that we truly feel good about instead.

Enduring Principles

What, in the midst of uncertainty, are your enduring principles? Our deeper values and spiritual principles are important at this time. It is important to stay connected to Spirit and not lose the inner compass of relevancy now. As in – what really matters most to me? What am I trying to build for myself that feels new, exciting, and brave for me? Can I allow others to also find their autonomy and to follow their inner guidance to a new path, instead of always trying to synchronize with other people’s flows in order to feel safe and secure?

With true spiritual values at heart there is a lot we can let go of now, which is important, to not escalate the potentially violent energies at play now. Letting people be who they are, think what they think, feel what they feel is a good practice for these times. Focus on your own areas of growth and alignment with Spirit.

I think at this point we can let go of the idea of agreement – a Libra principle – and see that even though we may disagree on many topics, we can let go of surface opinions to unite in the deeper truths and values like love, acceptance of differences, cooperation despite differences. When we aren’t in a threatened ego space, differences can actually be interesting, not threatening and enraging.

May this summer be a time of developing your own truth and faith in yourself.

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